Nicole Shuey's Journal

"Prosper, Men of Valour. Hail the King."


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Welcome, traveller, and thank you for visiting the musings of my mind.  I hope you’ll stay awhile.

My name is Nicole Shuey, and I write Other-world Quasi-historical Fantasy.  (Say that three times fast.)  I also dabble in Steampunk and Distopian fiction.  My medieval-renaissance fusion of an Other World has been over a decade in the making, beginning its life as disparate ideas spread across disconnected stories.  Over the years, the stories began knitting themselves together, until I realised I had a series on my hands.

That’s where you come in.  While I’m working on these novels, I’m also thinking about the writing process, travelling in both the physical and mental sense, and trying to decide what my main characters should have for breakfast.  Not always in that order.

So if you’re interested in political intrigue, sword-fighting, bardic tales, and good old-fashioned whiskey, my Other World might just be your cup of tea.  Or coffee. I don’t judge.


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