Oh, lord, where to begin?  I’ve been in Scotland for a month and seen castles and beautiful birds of prey and eaten lots of chips and drank lots of tea.  As far as studies go, I’ve been settling in all right, I think.  It’s been a while, but I’m more on top of the reading and whatnot than my classmates (several of whom are straight out of undergrad).  I feel like Hermione Granger half the time; the other half, I realise how much of a Ravenclaw I really am.  It’s a lovely feeling, especially with how similar to Hogwarts several of the buildings on campus are.

Aberdeen feels like home.  I’ve been having anxiety dreams the last few weeks about leaving, or being back in the States, back ‘home’.  I don’t want to go.  I want to stay forever.  I do have a job interview next week: here’s hoping I get it.  I need some work experience here in the UK if I want to continue hunting for a better job.  And I do.  I never want to leave Scotland.

At any rate, I ought to get back to my assignments.  Though, technically, I am writing right now, so that should count as practicing my craft somehow.  Right?