With the changes done to Pottermore, the Harry Potter website that used to also include games and challenges for the House Cup, a lot of fans are having existential crises about where they belong.  What House should they really be in?  This is mostly due to the fact that the new Pottermore is sorting people differently than the old one.  This is my take on the whole thing, as posted on a Ravenclaw group on Facebook:

Oh Pottermore… I personally will miss the old Pottermore. There was magic to it that the new version just doesn’t have. Not yet, anyway.

No quiz will ever be able to fully tell who you are, whether it’s the Pottermore sorting quiz or the Myers-Briggs personality types test. A person is more than just simple answers to a quiz and a generalised result.

That said, it’s nice to be told where you belong, or have your ideas and feelings validated by “authority”.

In the original Pottermore, I was sorted as Ravenclaw. Other quizzes have put me in all the other Houses at one point or another, mostly Hufflepuff with a smattering of Slytherin and a dose of Griffindor. This go-round, the new Pottermore put me in Griffindor and then Ravenclaw when I tried it again. The sorting quiz with all possible Pottermore questions put me securely in Ravenclaw, twice.

Being in any House means going to Hogwarts, so it doesn’t matter where any quiz or test puts you. In the end, your House depends on you.

What matters to you?

What speaks to your heart?