Today I finally realised one of my dreams: I attended a comic convention (Con for short).  I had an amazing time.  Everyone there was so kind and cheerful, from fellow cosplayers to the vendors running the artists’ booths to the panel guests.  I kept seeing cosplayers dressed as beloved characters: Sans and Undyne from Undertale, Edward Elric and Maes Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist, Maka and Death from Soul Eater, and more than a few different Doctors and even the Master.

Every time I saw a good costume, I would tell my friend excitedly, “Look! It’s–” as though the cosplayer were the real character.  Everyone felt like a celebrity that way, even me.  Compliments flew in every direction.  Photos were taken and requested.  My friend Jen and I even got to take a selfie with Paul Blake and Garrick Hagon, the actors who played Greedo and Biggs Darklighter from Star Wars: A New Hope.

I’m content to learn that everything I thought a Con might be, GCCC was exactly that.

This week seems to be a week of experiences.  Just four days ago, I was on the Isle of Sky on a society trip with several of my fellow MLitt students.  My writing buddies.  We saw amazing landscapes we only thought existed in dreams or in movies.  The Fairy Pools, the hike up to the Old Man of Storr (only two friends made it all the way up), Eilean Donan Castle.  All of it were marvellous in different ways.  We lost a lot of sleep on that long two day trip, but looking back on the photos, I know it was completely worth it.