It’s that time.  I’ve finally arrived at the point where taught courses are over.  All the essays are in.  All that’s left now is my dissertation.

I had a meeting with my advisor today and it went very well. She approved my idea!  I’m extremely pleased: I have several thoughts I want to employ.  Also, if she had said that my proposal wasn’t feasible or, more likely, in line with the guidelines, I don’t know what I would have done.  I had no backup ideas.

A writing contest has also surfaced that I’m very excited about.  I won’t say much now, though.  I’ll keep that as a surprise for later.

I’m looking forward to reading whatever I like and writing whatever I like.  My dissertation “topic” is one that I really love, and have been looking for a way to write about for a while.  Should be fun and a challenge, the perfect combination.

Wish me luck!