The last several days, I’ve been trying to think of a writing-related topic to discuss.  Inspiration, or tricks for writing convincing characters, or music to write along with.  Something like those.  But I’ve been stumped.  Last month, I finished my dissertation and it already feels like a lifetime ago.  An eternity ago.  I don’t have my final grade back yet; graduation is in November.  So I’m sort of in limbo.  That’s fine: I knew it would be like that.  It’s only been a month.

I can’t help but feel a little dried-out, writing-wise.  After spending every waking moment of every day trying to finish my portfolio, to make it the best it could be in the short time I had, being back in Oregon without that rigorous schedule makes me feel a bit like a bump on a log.  I can feel the old self-doubts, the impostor syndrome, creeping back into my mind.  Those little voices that say: ‘Why bother?  You’ll never finish it.  You haven’t finished a novel since high school.  NaNoWriMo?  More unfinished projects.  You can’t finish everything fast enough, anyway.  Why try?’

So, this time, instead of positing advice or writing about what I’ve found that works, I’ll ask you.  Writer to writer, reader to reader, person to person.

What helps you banish those doubts?  What tricks do you use to keep yourself writing even when you feel like your writing isn’t happening fast enough, or word count isn’t enough?

What is ‘enough’ anyway?