Autumn, or Fall, is my favourite season.  The leaves turn lovely colours and carpet the sidewalks and grassy parks.  The crunching sound gives way to an earthy, organic scent almost too delicate to describe.  Pumpkin flavoured everything floods every grocery store and coffee shop on every block.  Rain makes the indoors seem more cosy, but the weather won’t stay dreich for long.  The air is crisp in the mornings, with patches of fog hugging the ground, and the afternoons are sunny and warm and perfect for boots, a light jacket, and maybe a scarf.  The promise of candy apples and elegant, scary Halloween fun is just as palpable as the scents of cinnamon and ginger, nutmeg and cloves.

As you can see, autumn/fall is my favourite season.  My characters also have favourite times of the year.  My blacksmith/traveller is also fond autumn.  My roguish smuggler/thief/bounty hunter prefers summer: shoes are optional, it’s perfect beach weather, and rain is rare.  My assassin/spy enjoys early summer and early autumn: the weather is the perfect temperature, rain is infrequent, and the days get longer—he might work in darkness, but that doesn’t mean he actually enjoys living in it.

Which brings me to a few writing prompts, perfect as a warm-up before National Novel Writing Month in November.

What is your main character’s favourite season?  What are three reasons for this choice?

If they were transposed into a modern setting (or if they already belong there) what do they think of Halloween?  Do they enjoy dressing up?  Why or why not?