NaNoWriMo is upon us.

To those of you who have friends or loved ones participating in this trial of 50,000 words, I salute you.

To those of you about to embark on this harrowing thirty day quest, may the Muse have mercy on your souls.

To keep the Well of Inspiration primed, I’ve included a list of ideas below.  These have been carefully gleaned from such sources of wisdom as “the Google” and “Pint-e-Rest”.  Fare thee well, my fellow travellers.



(n.) the light of the moon as it shines upon the water.



You die and find yourself in hell.  You run into a family member that died before you, but would have been the least expected to be there… and they’re running the place.



A helpful graphic with labels about parts of a sword:


Write about the dragon who rescued the princess from the knight.



How Birth Order Shapes Personality:



Fantastic random generators for everything imaginable: