Hello, friends of the internet and the writing world.  It’s me, Nicole.  It feels like ages since we’ve spoken.  How are you?  I hope everything is going well.  As for me, I’ve been busy with work and life-stuff and trying to write and figure out where I want to aim my life for the time being.  Good things, not-so-good things, and all the in-between things: these have been my life for the last month.  And longer, if I’m being honest.  So for this journal entry, rather than focus on one topic, I’m going to throw a few at you and see what sticks.

If your character has changed careers/jobs/occupations/callings, what were their reasons?  Were they selfish or unselfish?  Does their family or friends approve?  Does your character care if those people do or do not approve?

Imagine your character has been displaced from their home and has had to move to a totally new place: new foods, religions, culture, language/dialect/slang.  What is their reaction?  How much do they miss their old home?  Would they return if they got the chance?  How long does it take for the new place to start feeling like home?  If they return home, do they miss the once-new place?  Or are they eager to wash away that time of their life?

Does your character’s age matter to them?  Do they wish they were older?  Younger?  Are there certain rituals or traditions associated with their age?  Or expectations on them from family, friends, or their culture?  How does your character feel about these?  Do they act on these feelings?  Why or why not?