Since it’s December, I offer for your reading pleasure a Christmas-themed Doctor Who drabble fic.  I adore the Eighth Doctor.  (You can read a little about when I met Paul McGann, who still plays Eight in Big Finish dramas, right here.)  The Eighth Doctor and Charley ship themselves.  Seriously.  So, without further ado, here is my Christmas contribution to the Doctor Who fanfiction pantheon.



“Oh dear.”  Charley grinned.  “Don’t look now, Doctor, but, well…”


Charley pointed up.  High above their heads, attached to an impossibly long string, was a sprig of mistletoe.

“What in the world?  How did that get there?”

“No idea.  The TARDIS getting festive, maybe?”

“Hmm.”  He rubbed his chin thoughtfully.  “Perhaps.  Though she’s never done anything like it before.  Unless you could the time the environmental controls went on the blink, and everything was covered in snow…”

Charley took a step closer.  “Well, um, do you think we should humor her?  The TARDIS, I mean?”

The Doctor watched her appraisingly.  “Do you?”

In response, Charley gave him a peck on the cheek.  She smiled at him, blushing a little.   Then she went to her favorite reading spot, near the fireplace, without another word.  The next moment, the Doctor noticed that the mistletoe was nowhere in sight.  He turned his attention to setting the coordinates for their next adventure.

“You’re getting sentimental in your age, old girl,” he murmured.

In return, the hum of the TARDIS could only be described as self-satisfied.